Zen-Sational Mung Bean Soup

organic mung bean soup on a blue plate with fresh vegetables

Mung Beans in Soup: The Star Ingredient and Its Benefits As spring blooms, it’s the perfect time to embrace the simplicity and nourishment of a hearty, yet light, Zen-sational Mung Bean Soup. This vibrant green concoction isn’t just a normal soup in the long list of mung bean recipes; it’s a symphony of flavors and nutrients designed to fuel your […]

Rachel’s Power Spice Series Part 1: Beverages

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Ceylon Cinnamon Seasonings to Add Flavor to Your Daily Routine I get it—we all need shortcuts to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Juggling family, work, and a busy schedule can make it hard to focus on optimizing nutrition. That’s why I created my new Power Spice Series. I’ll share how my Power Spice Blends can easily elevate the nutrition of prepackaged foods and more. […]

Living Longer, One Plant-Forward Meal at a Time

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Red Lentil Beller Nutrition

The plant-based conversation is sprouting up everywhere! A common question being asked by patients is “Should I be eating more plant-based meals?” My short answer: “YES, but it doesn’t need to happen all at once! Let me show you.” I get very excited whenever there is an opportunity to empower patients with new research. It’s not surprising since plant-based diets […]

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