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Rachel Beller MS, RDN
celebrity weight management &
cancer prevention expert

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    Here are the basics

    Who – Rachel Beller, MS, RDN (Master’s Nutritional Science, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) is the CEO of the Beller Nutritional Institute and specializes in weight management and breast cancer nutrition. She’s a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and she sits on several medical advisory boards such as Cancer Support Community, JK Living, and founded the Beller Community Outreach Program.

    Rachel conducted research on the role of nutrition in breast cancer prevention at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Providence St. John’s Health Center for over a decade. 

    Her three best-selling books translate advances in nutritional science into practical evidence-based solutions, and she created an award-winning line of Power Spicing nutrition blends.

    Rachel has worked with the McConaughey family, Laura Dern, and Sheryl Crow. She is also the go-to nutritionist for Good Morning America, Today Show, EXTRA, Dr. Oz, CNN, FOX, ABC World News Tonight, Rachael Ray, BuzzFeed, Glamour, and Vogue to name a few.

    What – This 8-week one-of-a-kind program delivers the evidence-based Beller Method™ 100% online with bi-weekly live Zoom meetings, phone check-ins, group social feed, and access to a secure portal with direct messaging with Rachel and her team.

    Where – This class is 100% online – but the magic is the daily personal ‘hands-on’ approach from Rachel and her team, plus interaction with a group of like-minded women.

    When – October 30th, 2021.

    Why – Women who struggle with weight management or have been touched by breast cancer often seek a higher level of nutrition support – but find it difficult to get credible yet personalized support – without paying for private 1:1 counseling from a credentialed RDN.

    How – We use a phased approach to roll out our class agenda or ‘method’ to ensure members are grasping the new concepts and actually putting them into action with full 24/7 access to our portal and resources. Members from across the globe have a high success rate and re-join over and over again for ongoing nutritional support and accountability.

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    Program Benefits

    This program is a nutrition bootcamp. Rachel will use her personal “hands-on” approach to communicate with you daily and guide you to ensure your personal success!

    Noticeable and sustainable results  Experience measurable results that are easy to sustain long after the program is over. This is not a fad diet. This is a long term wellness plan to help reshape your body and mindset about food. Rachel’s method has worked for countless private clients – now it can work for you.

    The Beller Method™ – Enjoy the confidence of never having to second guess what foods to eat, limit, or avoid – and how to easily add ANTI CANCER Powerfoods to every meal and beverage – making every bite work in your favor! Experience first hand how the hundreds of scientific nutrition studies that support The Beller Method™ transform into a simple 101 nutrition plan. Knowledge equals POWER and Simplicity is KING.

    Total meal and snack freedom SPECIFIC & SIMPLE ways to assemble a flexible menu you will love. Yes! A no-brainer approach to breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks, and even freebie foods. All so simple and easy if at home or grabbing food on the go.

    Biggest and Best Selection choose from lots of simple delicious recipes and snacks with bonus features added every week. Don’t want to cook? We will even show you how to order at your favorite restaurant.

    LIVE Q&A with Rachel previously only available through private counseling sessions, you’ll get direct access to ask Rachel your important nutrition questions as you navigate through the program.

    Simple and Secure forum – We send you the link, and you’re IN! This is NOT your typical Facebook group where everybody’s into your business. Feel confident sharing your progress and photos in a closed private app that’s easy to navigate and access via desktop or phone.

    Enjoy the advantage of having Rachel’s weight loss expertise and her almost 20 years of breast cancer nutrition research on your side.

    Your understanding of the research behind the Beller Method™ will be a lifelong game changer for YOU!

    Rachel Beller MS, RDN

    Rachel Beller MS, RDN

    An Important Message from Rachel Beller:

    Scientific research tells us that by managing our weight we can greatly reduce our chance of a breast cancer diagnosis or a recurrence. You’ll be amazed at how different you feel when you calm systemic inflammation, boost gut health, and lower circulating estrogen.

    There are some things outside our control, like heredity and environment – so we must take full advantage of what we CAN CONTROL – and that’s the food we eat. How you think about food truly matters when it comes to weight management and your cancer-protective agenda.

    I want to liberate you from all the food misinformation that is out there. Our work together should offer you food freedom, clarity, and confidence.

    I’ve worked with major cancer organizations, spoken at conferences, written best-selling books, and counseled cancer thrivers across the globe. I’ve also worked with various celebrities including Matthew and Camila McConaughey, Laura Dern, and Sheryl Crow to forever change the way they think about their food choices. What I’ve observed is that the people who TAKE ACTION are the ones that change their lives.

    It’s one thing to have knowledge – it’s another to START MOVING

    That’s why I designed this ‘Transformation Masterclass’ – to help YOU take action so you can get lasting results. And yes, I promise to keep it simple.

    After many years of research and development, I’m excited to finally offer this program to you!

    Are you ready TAKE ACTION?

    Feel your amazing best – it’s possible – and here at your fingertips…

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      3 Common Roadblocks when trying to eat clean and fight disease:

      Roadblock #1 – Too many different opinions

      Every day there’s a new headline about carbs, soy, meat, fat, and the next fad diet. It leaves you feeling confused and frustrated. The problem is most of the time we end up right back at the same ole thing.

      With the Beller Method™ you’ll get a clear and simple blueprint from credible evidence-based resources. Rachel and her team will personally guide you on everything from how to structure your meals when you’re out with friends, to specific brands to select at the grocery store. With exclusive access to videos, recipes, The Beller Method™, and your private online support community, you’ll feel supported and confident to sidestep the confusion from the everyday media hype.

      Roadblock #2 – Old habits

      When you’re feeling good and have lots of time and money to spare, eating well is easier. But that’s certainly not the reality for most – we have families to care for, stressful jobs, and a tight budget. Our old habits can get the best of us and steer us wrong.

      Rachel’s Transformation Masterclass is 8 weeks for a reason. It gives you ample time to solidify the new empowered you. Yes! For Now. For Life.

      Roadblock #3 – A lack of community and positive influence to support your goals

      Having support from friends and family while you’re trying to eat to win is critical. When they don’t have your back, staying on track is a real challenge and you can easily get pulled in the wrong direction just to appease others.

      Having a simple action plan and nutrition expert to back you on every step of the way will give you clarity and the confidence you deserve. Plus, you’ll enjoy sharing pictures and experiences with a like minded group that’s along for the journey with you (your identity is anonymous). Finally say goodbye to food stress. Say hello to food freedom.

      This program is a nutrition bootcamp. Rachel will use her personal “hands-on” approach to communicate with you daily and guide you to ensure your personal success!

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      Starts October 30th, 2021

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