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Nutrition isn't just a career for me, it's personal.

Rachel Beller and Robin Roberts on GMAAs a teenager, I struggled with weight issues, and can still relate with anyone going through the same thing. I lost my father to pancreatic cancer. From that moment, I resolved to transform my pain into possibilities and promise for other patients and their families. Today I specialize in helping people lose weight with an emphasis on cancer prevention*.

My Studies

I became a weight loss and oncology nutritionist, earning my B.A. from UCLA, and my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) degree and Masters in Nutritional Science from California State University Los Angeles. I also conducted extensive research in the role of nutrition in cancer prevention at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. I then served as Director of Nutritional Oncology Research and Counseling for a decade at the John Wayne Cancer Institute, and was the co-principal investigator in the national Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study. Along the way, I received awards for research, recruitment, and lectureship, while learning about the undeniable link between body weight, eating habits, and certain cancers.

My Practice

Although I love research and still conduct it nearly every day, I didn’t want to spend my life in a lab or a library. I wanted to work directly with patients and families, and provide motivation as well as dietary prescriptions. So in 2007 I founded the Beller Nutritional Institute in Beverly Hills to work one-on-one with people of all ages and backgrounds. In addition, to share my knowledge as widely as possible, I started speaking to groups and appearing on TV, in magazines, and online as America’s “Get Real” Nutritionist. My numerous media appearances include being the on air nutritionist for The Biggest Loser, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, The Rachael Ray Show, CNN, and ABC World News Tonight. I am also the go-to Nutrition Expert for Glamour Magazine, where I helped design the “Body by Glamour” section.  Above all, I’m a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and work closely with Susan G. Komen and numerous other community organizations.

My Projects

In 2013 I wrote my first book, Eat To Lose, Eat To Win, which is filled with action plans for transforming habits and changing how people think about what they put in their bodies. I also wanted to debunk popular misconceptions about certain foods and fad diets, which led to my signature Food Autopsies™ and “Betcha Didn’t Know” facts. In 2013 I created a community outreach program that provides nutrition consults and speaking engagements to underserved communities and nonprofit organizations. My new book, Power Souping, was released in March 2016, and features over 50 + delicious and nutritious recipes. Next up, PowerPerks — A complete weight loss* and breast health program*.

My Personal Life

I currently reside in Los Angeles with my four (yes, four!) children, Alexia, Jonah, Keira, and Evan, my husband, Mark, and my dog, Lilo. And, yes, I bring my work home, so that we all follow the same dietary guidelines I provide to my patients. Whether it’s my family or yours, I just want the very best. After all, it’s personal.

Our Mission —

To translate nutritional science into a simple and delicious action plan that forever changes how you think about what you put in your body -- For Now. For Life.

Located in Culver City, Beller Nutritional Institute is where Rachel Beller and her team meet with patients, research the latest nutritional findings, produce educational media, and conduct Rachel’s trademark Food Autopsies™ (just to name a few activities).

In particular, we focus on the undeniable link between weight and cancer, and how proper nutrition can help you prevent and manage existing health conditions*. Losing weight isn’t just about reducing clothing sizes! At the Beller Nutritional Institute, we call it “eating for the immune system*,” and we draw strictly from peer-reviewed research to identify the right foods and prep methods. We then translate all that hard science into easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow action plans — No fad diets here!.

Look as good as you feel. For Now. For Life.

Community Outreach —

We give back.

Beller Nutrition’s community outreach program is a passion project that involves contributing our knowledge to medical centers, cancer organizations, teen programs, and the underserved. Here are just a few of the organizations we work with. As a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and board member for numerous health organizations, Rachel believes in sharing her experience and expertise as widely as possible.

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