Concierge Nutrition Designed for YOU.

The Beller Method is a modern approach to nutritional therapy

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This personalized service is perfect for you if:

Beller Nutrition Masterclass
  • you seek weight loss, weight maintenance, cancer prevention or it’s recurrence
  • you need nutrition support during cancer treatment
  • you desire a ‘hands-on’ concierge experience with 24/7 personal support
  • you want to make sustainable changes, with step-by-step guidance
  • you feel overwhelmed by conflicting advice
  • you appreciate evidence-based nutrition, no gimmicks
  • you lead a super busy life and just want someone to tell you what to eat and buy

What you need is an expert who “gets you” and can hand you everything you need. I’ve got your back, my mission is to use the beller method™ so you can forever change the way you think about what you put in your body…For Now. For life!

This isn’t some cookie cutter approach

Here’s the scoop on what you get with my 3-month transformation package:

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  • My eyes laser focused on YOU during and between our sessions
  • One 60-minute intensive session for needs assessment & strategy
  • Five 30-minute sessions for ongoing customization and real results
  • 24/7 access via the Beller Nutrition Portal
  • Mobile App for visual food journaling, feedback and accountability
  • Premier access to:
    • Beller Nutrition Blueprint™
    • visual product purchasing guide
    • progress tracking tools
    • essential anti-cancer PowerFoods
    • tips for power spicing nutrition blends
    • selection of stress- free, low prep meals & snacks
    • shopping and dining out strategies

Upgrades available upon request:

  • personal chef training
  • meal delivery service management
  • guided shopping tour
  • pantry assessment

Spokesperson & Advisory Board

Spokesperson & Advisory Board

Spokesperson & Advisory Board

Spokesperson & Advisory Board

Spokesperson & Advisory Board

Spokesperson & Advisory Board


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Concierge Nutrition Counseling?

Concierge treatment is a significant upgrade to your average private practice nutrition counseling. This is a specialized service that holds your hand through your unique health transformation process. Unlike traditional nutrition counseling where guidelines are given and then you’re on your own to carry out the plan, I’m here to help you problem solve and implement the recommendations into your daily life – every step of the way. This type of service allows for easy access to a high level of accountability to help you to stay on track – giving you measurable results.

Despite the complexities associated with an evidence based approach that includes a strong research foundation – the magic is that we provide you with a Method that is simple, direct, and on point.

Want to know what to order at your favorite restaurant? I’m here to give you a specific answer. Need easy access to products that fit within the Beller Blueprint and Method? You got it. I’ve got an easy to navigate guide with pictures to make it effortless. Don’t have time for shopping and cooking? I have approved meal and grocery services narrowed down for you.


Why do we not offer one-off sessions and only packages?

Let’s be honest…unless you find a dietitian who is some super magical nutrition ninja, it’s unrealistic to achieve real results or any sort of health transformation with a couple “one off” appointments. Stop wasting your time and/or money to end up exactly where you started. Nutrition packages are specifically tailored to show you the way and get you major results. I speak from experience and know first hand what it takes.


Rachel, what qualifications do you have?

I became a weight loss and oncology nutritionist, earning my B.A. from UCLA, and my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) degree and Masters in Nutritional Science from California State University Los Angeles. I also conducted extensive research in the role of nutrition in cancer prevention at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. I then served as Director of Nutritional Oncology Research and Counseling for a decade at the John Wayne Cancer Institute, and was the co-principal investigator in the national Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study. Along the way, I received awards for research, recruitment, and lectureship, while learning about the undeniable link between body weight, eating habits, and certain cancers.


Do I have to visit Beller Nutritional Institute in person to work with Rachel?

Private practice concierge nutrition counseling sessions can be conducted VIRTUALLY by phone, Skype or other specified online channel.


What is a therapeutic diet? Does what you eat really make a difference when treating or preventing things like breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension?

YES!! These common disease states respond incredibly well to changes in diet (and there’s a mountain of medical evidence to support it). It’s never too early or too late to start making changes. I enjoy working with teens who want to start building healthy habits early – carrying them forward into their adult life. I also love seeing dramatic changes in adults with chronic conditions that take control of their symptoms, allowing them to start experiencing a better quality of life.


What should I expect on the first visit?

I take great care to review your personal and family history to help me understand your individual response to stress and illness. This takes into account not only your medical history, but your personal and lifestyle issues as well – as I need to understand my patients full story in order to make meaningful recommendations.

I provide my patients with easy to use tools and resources to help you navigate your new wellness plan with clarity and confidence.


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