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GMA – Power Spices & Breast Cancer Nutrition

Does Coffee Cause Cancer? Breast Cancer Nutritionist Rachel Beller on The Dr. Oz Show

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention with Rachel Beller on The Dr. Oz Show

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The Healthiest Whipped Cream Ever! Breast Cancer Nutritionist Rachel Beller on The Dr. Oz Show

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GMA – Souping


ABC 7 – Is Soy Good For You?

KTLA – Cancer Fighting Foods

Rachael Ray – Weight Loss Transformation

Rachael Ray – Weight Loss Challenge

CNN – Rachel Beller on the McDonald’s Diet

GMA – Rachel Beller on Jay-Z and Beyonce Vegan Diet

Diane Sawyer – Diet Soda Mystery

GMA – Weight Loss Tips

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The Doctors – Foods To Avoid

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Today Show – New Year, New You 2013

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Fox and Friends – Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Better TV KCAL – Eat to Lose, Eat to Win

Dr. Drew – Betcha Didn’t Know Broccoli

Dr. Drew – Weight Loss Challenge

Dr. Drew – Sugar Overload and Addiction

Dr. Drew – Easy, Cheap and Healthy Recipes

Extra TV – Cancer Preventing Foods

Rachel Beller – Choosing the Best Breads

Rachel Beller – Media Clips

Rachel Beller – Demo Reel 2013

Rachel Beller – Demo Reel 2011

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