Anti- Breast Cancer Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Bowl Recipe

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Meet Your Matcha with our Anti- Breast Cancer Smoothie Bowl! 3 x the breast-cancer fighting antioxidants of regular green tea Matcha is having a moment right now – and it’s for a good reason! This powerfully healthy green beverage is actually made from whole powdered green tea leaves (while regular green tea is just steeped). This means that your average […]

Which burger is safer for breast cancer prevention?

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Food Fight | Beef vs Veggie burger: does it make a difference to your breast health? Choosing the best burger option this summer Before you buy your next burger ingredients this summer, I want you to stop and think about what choices are going to be safest for your breast health. With more “meatless” and plant based burgers available than ever […]

Betcha Didn’t Know Dietary Mushrooms May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk by 64%

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For many of my clients, mushrooms tend to be an afterthought; sweetly simmering in a marinara sauce or cozily nesting along a line of colorful veggie kabas. A recent study from the University of Western Australia has revealed that mushrooms may be a powerful player in reducing breast cancer risk! A recent study published in the International Journal of Cancer […]

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