Upgrade 2024 with …. Achievable Micro Goals

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  • The new year is coming, which is time everyone wants to start fresh with a batch of resolutions to get healthier. However, they often get scrapped soon after.
  • Resolutions fail because they’re tough to sustain. While there are a few individuals that can completely overhaul their diet in one go, I’ve found that the majority of people (at least 9 out of 10 of my patients) find this overwhelming and instead, they do better with a phased approach.
  • Success comes when you bite off a manageable, achievable section rather than trying to gulp down the whole Beller Method at once. Rather than changing 100% of your nutrition habits immediately, our members focus on one principle at a time, get used to and comfortable with the principle, and then move on to the next.
  • Modify your new year’s resolutions into micro goals that will empower you to make incremental, sustainable changes that add up to macro-level benefits. Micro goal setting is an evidence-based way to achieve sustainable results.

So, Rachel, how do I get started?

One of the key principles of the Beller Method is to get 35 grams of diverse fiber daily.

  • That’s a great goal, but it’s not clear how to get there…I’ve had many people come to me saying they’ve tried to up their fiber intake in the past by simply “eating a lot more vegetables,” but almost all of them don’t consistently get their Daily 35-40 and they eventually fall off the wagon.
  • Instead, I may have you start with a smaller, more bite-sized “micro goal”: just focus on getting 10 grams in before noon on weekdays by incorporating my easy fiber-filled breakfast recipes.
  • After they have incorporated those breakfast options into their weekday routine, we move on to focus on choosing high fiber protein options for lunches. Then we move on to ensuring dinner time is fiber-rich by incorporating at least 2 cups of non-starchy vegetables. Before long, the diverse Daily 35 is achieved!
  • So let’s work together to break apart the method into manageable pieces. Here are some characteristics of good micro-SMART goals:
    • Micro goals are Specific. Describe exactly what the new habit will be. What will be accomplished? What actions will you take? What foods will you incorporate? Make a list!
    • Micro goals are Measurable. How much will you include with your meal? How many days per week will you do this? Is there a way to keep tabs on this goal?
    • Micro goals are Achievable and Realistic. Make sure you have the tools, information, and ingredients to meet your goal. Is the goal too easy? Too challenging? Ideally a goal should feel like a slight stretch but not incredibly uncomfortable. You should feel confident you can achieve it without feeling stressed—stress around goals is counter- productive.
    • Micro goals have a Timeframe: Goals without a start point are easy to put off! Spell out when you will start and how often you will do it.

Let’s get inspired!

Here are some examples micro-SMART goals to get you energized and your mind going on where you wish to start… 

Add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds (or other fiber booster) to your current breakfast 4 times per week

Include ½ cup of legumes at lunch or dinner 3 times per week 

Add a Power Up ingredient to dinner 3 times per week 

Include cruciferous vegetable at least 3 times per week

Follow the Power of 3 meal building strategy at least 4 times per week

Accountability is essential. Write your micro goals down and keep them ‘in sight, in mind’ – meaning on your bathroom mirror or desk, not tucked away in a journal.

Lastly, find your support system. Enlist at least one person (friend, partner, coworker) that will ask you how you are doing with your goals. You can also find accountability within groups or online forums. It can be encouraging to see others making progress alongside you.

Want more help walking through the Beller Method? My 8-week Transformation Masterclass gives you the tools AND accountability that you need to be successful. We’re available to support your personal journey every step of the way

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