3 steps to my AM routine

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Once you get your fiber routine down, it’s key to remember to diversify.

Here is one of my simple 3-step formulas to a perfectly balanced breakfast meal, which I love to rotate through to give some variety to my AM routine. Each step has a purpose and synergistically works to promote a healthy gut microbiome, decrease inflammation, balance hormone and sugar levels, manage weight, and ultimately to reduce cancer risk. Such a simple start to my morning!

1) Prebiotic or Probiotic Base. Here’s something most of my patients don’t realize…a healthy microbiome can reduce estrogen load, decrease inflammation, and enhance immune function! My breakfast base will help nurture your gut, either through adding helpful bacteria (probiotics), or supplying food for those bacteria (prebiotics). Here are some of my faves:

Probiotic: Plant-Based Yogurt – These still have probiotics! Just choose one with clean ingredients

Examples: Forager, Kite Hill

Prebiotic: Sprouted Oats or Barley – Oats and barley are rich in beta glucans, a special type of prebiotic fiber that supports immune function. Sprouted varieties contain activated, easy-to-assimilate nutrients and are also easier to digest.

2) Fiber Booster. Fiber is KEY to gut and breast health–it’ll also help keep you full and satisfied till midday preventing you from reaching for another snack! I always select a booster with at least 4-5 grams of fiber before noon (despite eating tons of produce throughout the day, it’s difficult to meet my daily fiber goal of 30-35 grams unless I include this AM fiber boost!).

  • Add 1 Tbsp to your pre- or pro-biotic base:
  • Chia seeds
  • Flax seeds (Buy pre-ground, vacuum packed or grind small batches on your own…they can go rancid in large, pre-ground containers!)
  • Psyllium Husk
  • Basil Seeds

3) Power Spice. Don’t miss this opportunity–just a pinch of powerful spices can boost the antioxidant content of your breakfast by 5-10x (yes, they’re more antioxidant-rich than nuts, seeds, and berries!). Spices are also concentrated sources of anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting compounds, and some may even boost gut health and immunity. These are my favorite additions to my AM meal:

Optional: Add a touch of fruit for antioxidant boost — if I have fresh or frozen berries around, I often toss in a small handful to brighten up my meal! Totally optional but a nice addition!

So there you have it–my personal 3 step routine to a balanced, breast and gut health breakfast!

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