Power Spicing Gift Set – 10 Organic Spice Blends + Power Spicing Cook Book

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Why not have it all? This luxury gift set features:

– 10 of Rachel’s new delicious Power Spicing blends (Vegitude Power, Everything Savory, Morning Boost, Tex Mex, Golden Breakfast, Cinnapeel Spicer, Pure Italian, Curry Magic, Super Sumac, and Savory Sizzle)

– PLUS a copy of her book ‘Power Spicing’ which features simple recipes for antioxidant-fueled meals and a healthy body.


A Pinch of Prevention™

When used together certain spices can boost each other’s powerful nutritional effects. With just a pinch, you can dramatically double – or triple! – the nutritional power of your meals- it’s what I call ‘spice synergy’. For years, I’ve suggested various spice blends to my clients. In response people would tell me, “Rachel, it’s such a hassle to find quality organic spices and remember the right way to combine them. Can’t you make them for us?” Thus, Power Spicing was born. My team and I spent years crafting unique spice nutrition blends, testing different combos to deliver nutritional spice synergy and irresistible flavors while using clean, organic ingredients. THANK YOU for adding Rachel Beller Power Spicing into your Power Pantry! Happy Spicing!

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