Betcha Didn’t Know… Nori Seaweed is Protective Against Breast Cancer Growth

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Beller Nutrition - Nori Quinoa Wrap

Are you a sushi fan? If so, then you may already know nori seaweed delicious.  Betcha didn’t know that nori is a lot more than just a convenient wrapper for your california roll- it’s a super convenient and versatile sea vegetable that may be beneficial in breast cancer nutrition. Nori contains loads of polyphenols, which many studies have shown that it potentially inhibits the spread of breast cancer. Another preliminary study indicated that nori may reduce the amount of circulating estrogen in your system.


Easy Nutrition That’s Easy On Your Wallet

Many of my clients have never tried, or even heard of, nori before. Luckily, this sea vegetable has become super accessible over the last few years, and can now be found at conventional grocery stores. Just walk down the Asian food aisle, and you’re bound to see these large sheets of thin, dark green seaweed. Nori seaweed is an excellent source of calcium, iron, potassium, fiber and vitamins A, C, E & K. Plus, research indicates that it may offer all these amazing “anti” properties — anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant and anti- cancer (brown seaweed).  At only 15-20 cents per sheet, this is an extremely economical way to boost your breast cancer nutrition!


Easy On Your Waist

This crunchy sea-veggie won’t just save you $$- it’ll support a trim waist as well. You can use nori seaweed in place of refined tortillas and they make a wonderful alternative to chips if you’re craving a crunchy and lightly salted snack. Research tells us that maintaining a healthy weight is essential for improving breast health, making nori seaweed a winner in my book!


Easy To Use

Nori seaweed is a nutritional superstar that is tasty enough to munch on plain, or utilize as a wrap! You can also quickly sprinkle it on top of your soup or salad. This is also a great option for those of you who are tired of having to toss out spoiled greens as nori can be left on the shelf for months without any loss in quality.  I love stocking my pantry with foods that help fight breast cancer which are ready-to-go options and don’t require any prep – nori seaweed is one of my favorites!


Here are some final tips:

Steer clear of those neon green wakame salads – most of them are swimming in high fructose corn syrup, msg, and food dyes like Yellow #4 and Blue #1….No thank you.

Nori has a fair amount of iodine – so if you have a thyroid condition keep this in mind and enjoy nori in moderation – as you would any other healthy snack.


Need a recipe to get you started? Try these Nori Quinoa Wraps!

Ingredients & Directions (makes 4 cut rolls)

4 large sheets of toasted nori

4 cups quinoa, cooked (follow cooking instructions on bag)

1 large cucumber, julienned

2 large carrots, julienned

1 avocado, sliced thin lengthwise

Low sodium tamari or Bragg Liquid Amino Acids

Assemble rolls by laying 1 sheet of nori on a flat surface. Spread 1 cup cooked quinoa flat onto sheet, leaving an inch border on the top and bottom.

Place ¼ julienned cucumber and ¼ julienned carrots over quinoa in the middle of the sheet from left to right.

Place avocado slices evenly over the cucumber and carrots.

Starting at the bottom of the sheet , gently roll the nori up/away from you, until it is rolled all the way. Dab the edges with water to seal.

Repeat with the remaining ingredients then cut to desired size. Serve with Tamari or ponzu sauce.

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