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Celebrity nutritionist Rachel Beller RDN, carefully crafted her signature
Power Pantry blends after years of research supported by major health organizations for people that want to…

Add Daily Power – For Now. For Life. 

Meet the Power Pantry Spice Family

Our powerfully different approach to spicing includes all of the following with more to come!

Spice Up Your Fav Dishes

Why I Started Power Pantry® 

I love spices — naturally — and think everyone should use them.

Not only do spices take healthy dishes from bland to in-demand (oatmeal? no problem! steamed broc? bring it on!), but my years of research revealed that spices also add “daily power” in the form of nutritional value.

Then there’s my favorite discovery — what I call spice synergy. When used together, certain spice combos synergistically boost each other’s powerful nutritional effects. Think of these as the ultimate power couples…

Now for years, I’ve prescribed and promoted various spices and blends to my patients, TV and lecture audiences, and readers of my books (Eat To Lose, Eat To Win and Power Souping). In response, many people would tell me, “Rachel, it’s too much of a hassle to find good organic spices and remember how to combine them in the right ratios. Can’t you just make them for us?”

Thus, Power Pantry was born: a powerfully different approach to spices.

But it wasn’t overnight. I didn’t want to compromise quality and just slap my name or endorsement on someone else’s products. My team and I spent years researching and crafting unique spice formulations, testing different combos to deliver the most irresistible flavors, and sourcing the cleanest, highest-quality, 100% organic ingredients.

THANK YOU for trying Power Pantry! I hope you’ll find my spice blends as fun and flavorful as I do (my family and I boost our meals with least one Power Pantry product every day). Please contact me on social media or on my site at — and stay in touch to learn about the latest Power Pantry releases, recipes, special offers and more.

Happy Spicing!

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