Introducing Rachel Beller’s

The Weight Loss & Breast Cancer Prevention Program

Based on Real Facts & Real Foods

The Weight is Over!

PowerPerks is a complete makeover of your diet, health, and how you think about what you put in your body.

Available 24/7, this easy-to-follow, step-by-step online program draws on Rachel Beller’s years of experience working in breast cancer research and counseling. Plus, it includes the tips, tricks, and treats she provided as the official nutritionist on TV shows such as The Biggest Loser.

PowerPerks is for You if…

  • You’re ready to lose weight and crush cravings forever.
  • You want to reduce your risk of breast cancer.
  • You’re a thriver who needs to lose weight — or maintain a healthy weight — to prevent recurrence.
  • You’re a thriver whose medications are throwing off your weight.
  • You’re a teen (or older) who wants to start cancer prevention NOW (the earlier the better!).
  • You need more energy, improved gut health, and decreased inflammation.
  • You want meal plans that are nutritious AND delicious AND based on facts (no fads or fasting).

Here’s What’s Included on the Plan

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Program Features

  • Step-by-step guided videos for meals & snacks
  • 10-day sample menu plans for each phase of the program to simplify your life
  • Custom menu-planning tools
  • Videos of Rachel’s 10 Commandments of Nutrition
  • 150+ easy & delish recipes & shopping tips
  • Printable infographics & cheat sheets
  • Meal logging app + feedback
  • Rachel’s PowerPantry recommendations
  • Q & A’s, live chats & webinars to provide personalized support (coming soon)

How it Works: A 3 Phase Approach

Your 10-Day Jumpstart

In this accelerated phase, you’ll make BIG changes to shed some bad habits — and more than a few pounds! This phase is vegan for all3 plans, because plant-based diets can do the most for optimal breast health. (Can’t handle being vegan for that long? PowerPerks will show you how to swap in non-vegan proteins.)

Steady Weight Loss

Since you eliminated the junk in Phase 1 (including processed food and excess sugars), you’re on track toward your goal. So in Phase 2, you get more food flexibility and protein options. Although designed for 10 days, this phase can be extended if you have higher weight loss goals.

You Got it. For Now. For Life. 

Discover how to maintain your new healthy weight without deprivation or hunger. In this lifelong phase, you get to add additional fruit, complex carbs, and high-starch veg at lunch and dinner. You can move back into Phase 1 or 2 any time you need a weight loss reboot.

Feel the PowerPerks Difference — Start Your Journey Today…

What’s the Connection Between Weight Gain & Breast Cancer?

Separating cancer fighting nutrition and weight loss is a big mistake — and this is a concept that people just don’t get. Loving your body means keeping it free from illness. And whether you’re a teen or a boomer, science shows that body fat is undeniably linked to breast cancer*.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is the single most important way you can actively reduce your risk of cancer. Research has shown that excess body fat leads to an increase in inflammation, estrogen production, and insulin levels in the body—which have all been linked to cancer.

Here are some facts to know:

  • 64% of American women are overweight & 36% of those are considered obese! Obesity can lead to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and—our focus—breast cancer.
  • According to AICR (American Institute of Cancer Research), breast cancer mortality is 35% higher among obese women than normal-weight women.
  • Weight gain after age 18 to between the ages of 50 and 60 has been consistently associated with an increased risk of breast cancer after menopause.
  • If you’re overweight or obese post-menopause, there is a 30 – 60% greater risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer
  • The Women’s Health Initiative collected data from over 70,000 women over a period of decades. They found that the longer women were overweight or obese in their lifetime, the greater their risk of post-menopausal breast cancer. For every 10 years of overweight, the risk goes up by 5 – 8%!
  • A Nurse’s Health Study followed nearly 90,000 women for 26 years. They discovered that a loss of just 4-11 pounds post-menopause lowered their breast cancer risk by 20% compared to no weight loss at all!
  • There is a TON of research to support the notion that separating cancer fighting nutrition from weight loss is a BIG MISTAKE. The earlier you’re aware of the connection and the sooner you take action, the better — it’s never too late to decrease your risk!

The key is to have a realistic game plan and that’s why Rachel created PowerPerks.

If you’re going through treatment or know someone who is, Rachel recommends starting PowerPerks Rx first.

About the Creator of PowerPerks

Rachel Beller, MS, RDN

Known as America’s “Get Real” Nutritionist, Rachel Beller is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) who specializes in breast cancer nutrition, a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society, and two-time bestselling author who frequently appears on television, in print, and online — including Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, and The Biggest Loser, where she was the resident nutrition expert.

Prior to founding the Beller Nutritional Institute in 2007, Rachel conducted research on the role of nutrition in breast cancer prevention at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and John Wayne Cancer Institute at Providence St. John’s Health Center for over a decade. At Beller Nutrition, she provides nutritional advice to people from all walks of life: celebrities slimming down for the red carpet, reality show contestants shedding pounds, and busy adults and teens who wish to improve their health.

In her practice and her two bestselling books (Eat to Lose, Eat to Win and Power Souping), Rachel emphasizes the undeniable research-proven link between body weight and cancer. She does so by translating nutritional science into easy and realistic action plans. Since Rachel herself lost loved ones to cancer, and confronted weight issues of her own as a young woman, her mission is to change the way women think about what they put in their bodies. For Now. For Life.

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