PowerPerks - The Weight is Over!

Lose Weight* + Promote Breast Health* (yes, they DO go together)!

PowerPerks is the FIRST EVER science-based weight loss online program* that includes breast cancer prevention perks*.

Rachel will take you by the hand and share her amazing tricks of the trade from her years of research and practice at the Beller Nutritional Institute. 

PowerPerks is for you if:

  • You want to enjoy an easy science-based approach to eating delicious foods without over-thinking 
  • You want to balance your energy, improve gut health, lose weight, reduce inflammation and breast cancer risk
  • You want to crush your cravings once and for all
  • You want to feel more vital, energetic and empowered 
  • You are ready for a lifestyle change that will have lasting results

*Results may vary based on starting weight and adherence to plan. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We offer 3 different programs

Here's What is Included:

21 Days Worth of Sample Meal Plans to Guide You

Whatever plan you choose (Vegan, Pesco-Veg, and Omnivore), it will be plant powered to help prevent breast cancer* and lose weight*. PowerPerks is a plan you can stick to — For Now. For Life. (Maintenance plan included) Learn more

Show And Tell

Videos and infographics will show you how everything is done, step-by-step. Rachel goes into depth about her 10 Commandments and teaches her no-brainer strategies for breakfast, lunch/dinner, and snacks.


Rachel’s Foods Against Cancer Tips feature the latest findings in nutritional science*.

Recipes and Shopping Lists

We offer 150+ delicious and easy cancer fighting recipes* and weekly shopping lists. Get ready to simplify and power up your life.

Power Pantry Essentials

Easily find Rachel’s fav spices, herbs, oils, and other essential ingredients that have amazing health benefits and kick up the flavor of your meals.

VIP Member's Only Lounge

Get the app! We’ve partnered with MealLogger so that you can share photos of your meals with other members in your PowerPerks plan to stay accountable, get feedback, and be inspired by others. You can also connect with Rachel, the Beller Nutrition team, and members via our private PowerPerks Facebook Page.


New interactive tools coming soon!

Feel the PowerPerks Difference — Start your Journey Today…

Rachel's 10 Commandments for Optimal Breast Health

What powers you? In this plan, your energy will come from the cleanest fuel you can imagine: balanced, totally sustainable (no crashing or burning here!), and — since PowerPerks is based on science — 100% free of hot air. Of course we’re talking about the foods. Your PowerPerks itinerary sets the menu for the next 30 days, but you’ll also learn the principles behind the picks to make your own choices far down the road.

Keep Trim

The weight is over, and thin is in — and that’s NOT about body shaming. Far from it! Loving your body means keeping it free from illness. And whether you’re a teen or a boomer, science shows that body fat is undeniably linked to breast cancer*. PowerPerks will show you why you should eat like it’s always bikini season.

Fiber Up

We’ve all heard enough of the “F-word,” but most of us still don’t get close to enough. We’re talking fiber, of course, the all-natural cleaning crew for your insides. PowerPerks provides the recipes, plans, and tricks for getting the right amount and kinds of fiber for optimal breast health (without eating an entire basket of apples).

Veg Out

Getting enough veggies isn’t easy, especially at work and on-the-go. PowerPerks shows you how to put more cancer fighting power in any meal* — or in a tall glass — particularly the top o’ the line veggies that promote breast health. Hint: diversity is key, so go for many shades of green… and purple and red and orange…

Go Pro

You need proteins to boost immunity, strengthen muscles, and provide power for hours — but not all proteins are created equal, and some may do more harm than good. PowerPerks makes sure everyone — vegans, pesco-vegetarians, and omnivores — gets proteins that deliver cancer fighting perks*!

Get An Oil Change

Contrary to widespread opinion, some fats are good for us — ESSENTIAL, in fact. Drawing on Rachel’s experience with the Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study (WINS) research, PowerPerks will show you what fats to avoid, the ones to stock in your Power Pantry, and how much you need for the perfect balance of calories and cancer prevention*.

Rethink That Drink

Drinking alcohol responsibly isn’t just about avoiding DUIs and other misbehavior. (After all, a little misbehavior can be a good thing.) Heavy drinking will give you very heavy results and increase your risk of breast cancer*. Don’t despair — PowerPerks mixes up some fun alternatives (wait till you try the Powerfood Mojito Mocktail…).

Ditch Added Sugar

Sugar is seemingly everywhere in shocking amounts. (Sushi!) PowerPerks reveals where it’s hidden and under what aliases. But here’s the real surprise: you can’t live without sugar — the natural sugars and nutrients in fruits, grains, and veggies work in sync to keep your cells healthy. PowerPerks will show you all the sweet alternatives.

Toss The Processed

While some processing is necessary (grinding, chopping, cooking), artificial preservatives, flavors, and other chemicals are alien invaders that may alter your gut bacteria and increase inflammation. That makes weight loss harder and increases your breast cancer risk*! PowerPerks will retrain your taste buds to crave the clean!

Go With Your Gut

What’s the connection between intestinal health and breast health? The answer will bug you — hopefully! PowerPerks makes sure you get the prebiotics and probiotics that can boost the helpful bacteria in your gut. That will balance your insides to improve digestion and enhance immunity. Keep those bugs buzzing!

Spice It Up

While putting the delish in your dishes, spices and herbs and other powerfoods amp up their nutrition. What you might not know is that some spices make others even more effective — think of them as the ultimate power couples! PowerPerks includes surprising spice blends and power ups for every meal.

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