Extend the Life of Your Fresh Herbs

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How to Keep Herbs Fresh

On the heels of my AM Riser and PM Relaxer feature on Good Morning America, many women who joined the PowerPerks program have been asking about the best way to store their fresh herbs to extend freshness. 

Here is one of my easy tricks of the trade.

After you bring fresh herbs home:

  1. Cut the bottom of the stems with kitchen scissors
  2. Keep the leaves dry and don’t rinse them until you use them.
  3. Fill a glass or a jar half way with water and place the stem ends into the water (like you would a bouquet of flowers)
  4. Cover the herbs with a plastic bag and store in refrigerator.   
  5. Change the water after a few days if the water starts to discolor.

Fresh mint, parsley and most other herbs can last up to 2 weeks when stored this way.

Enjoy the powerful perks!!!

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