The Method —

Lose Weight - Right Here. Right Now! Rachel Beller's diet plans will forever change the way you think about your body.

Our mission possible systems translate nutritional science into simple, easy, and realistic solutions. No fad diets or fasting — we believe in nourishment, not punishment!

Whether your goals are teen nutrition, slimming down, prevention or simply feeling more vital, our programs are easy to follow, highly effective and seriously tasty. We’ll also customize your action plan and work with you every step of the way — in person, by phone, or online. We have you covered — For Now. For Life.

Culinary Consultation —

Recipes for Re-Imagination

As more diners seek healthier options, more restaurants, hotels, and chefs are vying to excite them with flavor, nutrition, and style. Celebrity nutritionist Rachel Beller has the credentials, expertise, and Hollywood background to help your culinary development teams surpass the competition.

Here's what Rachel can do with your team

— Meet the lean and green demands of foodies and other segments, while attracting and retaining customers who just want fun, delicious food.

— Stand out from the competition by becoming a thought leader in the “delicious + nutritious” movement, instead of just being a “me too” follower.

— Generate buzz by leveraging her brand and delivering a menu that’s truly extraordinary instead of “extra ordinary.”

This all takes place in a three phased approach:



This phase involves much more than a menu review. Rachel will work side-by-side with your culinary development team to meet today’s progressive nutritional demands, while also integrating consumer feedback.

  • Evaluate the current menu for nutritional content.
  • Modify some existing dishes.
  • Create a plating/service method that ensures adequate dietary control.
  • Identify new nutritional ingredients and seasonal items.
  • Visit regularly to generate ideas based on customer feedback.
  • Conduct ongoing meetings with restaurant/corporate personnel of all levels to provide support and gain their feedback.



Rachel will put her renowned nutritional system into play to expand customer choices while maximizing flavor and nutrition. She wants a re-imagined menu that your diners will explore and ultimately share.

  • Add enough versatility to the menu to satisfy everyone.
  • Include alcoholic beverages and mindful desserts. After all, dining out must still be fun!
  • Add Rachel Beller’s recognized voice to the menu and marketing materials to engage customers while communicating nutritional highlights.



To help your culinary teams roll out their accommodating and exciting new menu, Rachel will serve as a spokesperson across various media. She will apply her scientific credibility, brand equity, celebrity, and media relationships to build anticipation and increase your brand’s awareness.

  • Enhance exposure through media appearances and other marketing, including food demos, tastings, community outreach, seminars/lectures, trade shows, and product placement segments.
  • Develop TV-caliber cooking videos starring Rachel and your culinary development team for YouTube, Facebook, your company website, and webinars.
  • Extend your overall brand message to new customers and markets.

Ready to revitalize your company’s menu?

Speaker Requests —

Book Rachel for your next event

Rachel brings her science savvy with a touch of sass to schools, health organizations, nutrition and wellness expos, and other cause-related events. Here are a few sample topics:

The 10 Nutrition Commandments For Optimal Weight and Breast Health*

Rachel presents her science-based strategy — all in 10 simple, easy steps: Keep Trim, Toss The Processed, Ditch Added Sugar, Rethink That Drink, Go With Your Gut, Fiber Up, Veg Out, Go Pro, Get An Oil Change, and Perk It Up. These 10 Nutrition Commandments will not only enhance breast health*, they’ll also help women lose weight along the way*. It’s a win-win for bikini season — and for life.

Lose Fast without Fasting

The most effective diets are those that people stick to, and fasting obviously isn’t one of them. In fact, most people gain weight after they give up fasting. Rachel provides an action plan (from breakfast fiber insurance to Flip-It Method lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts) to help lose weight quickly*, sustainably, and nutritiously — as seen on The Biggest Loser. This presentation will also include Rachel’s jaw dropping Food Autopsies™ about foods that appear “seemingly healthy.”

Just The F.A.C.T.s: Rachel's Foods Against Cancer Tips

Rachel provides a step-by-step, science-based action plan for losing weight* and preventing cancer through nutrition*. The presentation includes stunning facts about foods we think are healthy (Rachel’s trademark Food Autopsies™), and those that actually make a difference.

Sugar and Spice: The Secrets To Breast Health* By The Spoonful

Here’s something ALL women need to know: healthy weight and breast cancer prevention go hand-in-hand*. Here’s something most women don’t know: they can lose weight* and protect their breasts* in a delicious way. The secret? Rachel’s fit and energizing breast health* action plan along with her signature spice blends.

Freshman 15? Try 30!

Late nights, skipped breakfasts, fast food, and bran muffins — yes, bran muffins — are making college students inflate faster than their tuition. Rachel provides the scoop on how to protect that student body (hint: those red Solo plastic cups aren’t just for parties).

Now That's A Power Lunch!

It’s hard for busy execs to eat right: skipping meals one day, heavy lunches and drinks with clients the next. And let’s not forget those late nights with nothing but snacks. Little wonder that belt sizes go up while energy levels go down! Rachel shows how to manage time crunches and heavy lunches (breakfasts and dinners, too) — including her signature Flip It strategies.

For Health Professionals

Rachel can provide educational seminars that meet Continuing Medical Education (CME) or Continuing Education Units (CEU) requirements.

Book Rachel for your next event!

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