Helping You Get Through Breast Cancer Treatment

One Amazing Spoonful At A Time *

Ever since your diagnosis, your head’s been spinning with questions: What can I do? What can I eat? My family and friends want to help — but how?

That’s where PowerPerks Rx comes in. This new online program from Rachel Beller, MS, RDN, provides all the tips, lists, action plans, and support you need to manage one of the most important parts of your treatment and recovery: your nutrition*.

Not only can the right foods power you through treatment and its side effects*, they’ll also provide you with the nutrients you need to fight cancer* and/or prevent its recurrence*. In addition, you’ll avoid gaining or losing excess weight that can hinder your recovery and increase risk*.

The PowerPerks Rx online program is not only delicious, but it’s based on real science — no fads or food myths here.  So no matter what kind of treatment you’re undergoing — surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal, or a combination of these — PowerPerks Rx provides the nutrition to recover and to thrive*.

*Results may vary based on starting weight and adherence to plan. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Nutrition Action Plans For All Treatments


To help your body heal from the stress of surgery, our guidelines include plenty of protein — but only the right protein that doesn’t stress your digestive system*. In addition, this plan includes foods that promote healing and reduce inflammation, maintain your strength and vitality, and prepare you for the next phase of treatment*.


If you’re undergoing radiation, you have important restrictions concerning certain antioxidants. Some you need (from whole foods), some you should absolutely avoid (supplements). In addition, this plan encourages weight stabilization, increased protein intake, therapy for side effects, and foods that particularly support breast health*.


Our program will help you control side effects while also promoting your health and strength*. While some may experience unintentional weight loss, others may gain weight during chemo — which can hinder your recovery and increase your risk of recurrence. This program delivers the nutrients you need without the pounds you don’t*. It also excludes certain supplements that interfere with chemo.

Hormone Therapy

If you’re actively on hormonal therapy, including tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors, you may gain weight and experience hot flashes. Our program will help manage these side effects, while also helping promote long-term survivorship*. That includes preventing osteoporosis and harmful weight gain* (both side effects of hormonal therapy).

Here's What's Included:

Delicious And Nutritious Recipes

You need plenty of “clean cuisine” recipes to help you and your caregivers support your long term health — without needing a trained chef to prepare them! For example, how about a tea that’s both anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea, instead of a sugary “ginger-flavored” soda.

10 Nutrition Commandments for Optimal Breast Health* — For Now. For Life.

This fun-to-read 10-step action plan includes all the critical guidelines for eating right, all the way through therapy to a healthy, happy recovery.

Power Pantry Essentials

Turn your cupboard into a power pantry with spices, herbs, oils, and other essential ingredients that deliver amazing health benefits while kicking up the flavor. Rachel even provides the shopping tips.

VIP Members-Only Lounge

Everyone can use a little extra support at times like this. In our private Facebook Group, you can share your thoughts and experiences with other PowerPerks Rx members and the Beller Nutrition team. Get the app! We’ve partnered with MealLogger so that you can post photos of your meals with other PowerPerks Rx members for encouragement and inspiration. 

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