An Easy Teen & Adult Weight Loss Program

Based on Real Facts & Real Foods

PowerPerks 101 is for You if…

  • You want easy solutions for shedding pounds
  • You want to feel confident about your meal choices
  • You want to reduce inflammation and improve gut health
  • You want to master the ease of eating out or at home
  • You want to increase your energy and feel empowered
  • You want sample menus for your demanding schedule
  • You want the Power Pantry of your dreams
  • You want to reduce cravings
  • You want a plan you can be on – For Now. For Life.

Here’s What’s Included on the Plan

Program Features

  • No brainer approach to weight loss
  • Step-by-step guided videos for meals & snack
  • Simple & satisfying recipes
  • Shopping & eating out tips
  • On-the-go snack solutions
  • Printable infographics & cheat sheets
  • Rachel’s PowerPantry recommendations
  • 24/7 access & lifetime membership

Lifetime Membership – Only $24.99!

(Costs less than dinner for two)

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The Big Picture

On PowerPerks, Will I Be Eating…



On this plan, we make it easy for you to be vegan, pesco-vegetarian, or omnivore (poultry & meat), while following a pure food weight loss program. We have plenty of vegan protein options and serving size guidelines to ensure you get adequate amounts of protein. If you decide to include fish, we provide a list of what to eat and avoid. If you decide to eat meat, we encourage you to limit your intake of organic poultry and grass-fed beef, while helping you integrate a wider variety proteins that yield a return for your health. 

We limit dairy, because it can be irritant for many people and may lead to unpleasant digestive side effects and inflammation. There is some contradictory research and unknown risks about the connections between cancer, dairy and the hormone content in dairy products (including organic). Women – particularly those with a personal or family history of breast cancer – should reduce their dietary intake of hormones. For those reasons, PowerPerks 101 is dairy-free. For those who choose to include dairy, we recommend that they only have organic kefir/yogurt due to its lower content of IGF-1.



Research suggests that being mindful of the quantity and quality of the fat you eat may prevent cancer or its recurrence. On PowerPerks 101, we prioritize which fats should be front and center in your power pantry. We emphasize those containing anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids which are shown to help prevent certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and cognitive disorders.

On PowerPerks 101, we eliminate the added sugars and the white/refined carbs (they are basically sugar), and ask you to fuel yourself with natural whole foods like fruits, veg, whole grains, and legumes. Over time you’ll stop craving the refined foods and start thriving on the real deal. If you find that you do need a touch of sweetness, you can sparingly try some of these options: dates, raw honey, pure grade A maple syrup. 



While much research is still to be done, it’s believed that many people see great results by going gluten-free because you naturally reduce the amount of refined grains that you eat. By adding more wheat-free whole grains into the diet, you’re getting excellent nutrients and less refined foods. If your body tolerates gluten without any difficulty, the key is to include wholesome grains and avoid pulverized options.

No, we won’t be selling you a line up of supplements, rather, we’ll be loading you up on unique healing spice combinations, herbs and lots of power foods to amp up the nutri-power of your meals, snacks and beverages. Some spices and foods work far better together, synergistically boosting their health benefits — think of them as the ultimate power couples! PowerPerks includes surprising absorption boosters and spice and power food synergy concepts. “Food First” is our mantra!


Processed Food?

Wish we could tell you otherwise, but research tells us that it’s best to avoid if you have a personal or family history of cancer. Otherwise, limit to 1 – 3 drinks per week, but keep in mind: the calories stack up.

Avoid overly processed foods that can throw off your gut microbiota, make you gain weight and make weight loss harder. These foods don’t offer the same nutritional benefits as what we consider “Real Food” from whole foods so leave them off the menu.

Feel the PowerPerks Difference – Start Your Journey Today!

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