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Thrive On!

Hormone therapy may cause weight gain, hot flashes, join pain, and other side effects. Rachel has nutritional tips & tricks to help you manage your symptoms.

Watch & Learn

Discover Rachel’s easy tips for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks and her 10 Commandments for Optimal Weight & Breast Health


All of the recipes follow Rachel’s 10 Commandments for losing weight and breast health.

3 Phase Approach

PowerPerks will change the way you think about what you put in your body — one day at a time. We’ll do it together through 3 easy to manage phases, starting off super clean and simple, and gradually opening up with a wider variety of delicious dishes.


Short on time? Rachel has you covered even when your life is super busy and hectic!

Power Pantry

Power up your pantry with spices, superfoods, and Rachel Beller approved products and learn what you should chuck.

Tools To Keep You On Track

Everything is at your fingertips to help you reach your goals

Science Behind The Sass

Learn the science behind PowerPerks and get answers to all of your burning questions.

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Join our member’s-only Facebook page to stay in touch with other members and the BNI team.  Post photos of your meals on MealLogger to stay on track and motivate others.

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