Snack and Dessert

Cheat Sheet

The key to successful snacking is that you must have one snack, but mind your portions. On this program, you have three snack opportunities.  

PM Snack =  Anything Clean – 175 calories max

  • As far as I am concerned, your PM snack stands for “Positively Mandatory.”  
  • There are too many hours between lunch and dinner — if you skip it, I guarantee you’ll overeat before or during dinner.  It’s needs to be 175 calories max and include a combo of clean ingredients.  We have plenty of snack combos to choose from in the program.  

Flexi-Snack = Anytime – 175 Calories Max

  • Flexi-snack is ONE optional snack that you can have at anytime during day.  
  • For example, some people need a little something extra after dinner or pre or post workout.  It also needs to be 175 calories max and contain a combo of clean ingredients.

Anytime Freebie Snack

  • If you find yourself hungry at any point during the day, and need a little something to hold you over, feel free to load up on some low starch veg.

Beware of the dreaded “snacktastrophies” – they can cause your waistline to turn into the coastline. The #1 mistake I see with my clients is not the quality of the snack but the portion of the snack. It’s so easy to overload on calories even when they’re natural and wholesome.

For example – an apple and peanut butter:

  • A large apple and peanut butter is wholesome, but… It’ll cost you around 310 calories!
  • A small apple (sliced) and sprinkled with Ceylon cinnamon with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. (apple = 80 + peanut butter 95)

Here’s a suggestion for smart snacking:

Create your own trail mix and portion it out in individual zip lock bags for the whole week! I’ve listed out the servings sizes for snack options so you can mix and match without going over your 175 calories max.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about dessert — Yes, you get to eat dessert on this plan!

Your Flexi-Snack can be a dessert!  PowerPerks has so many delicious and easy to make dessert recipes so snacking can be fun AND delicious.  

So remember — you have three snacks during the day:

  1. Freebie Snack
  2. PM Snack
  3. Flexi Snack

Just remember my rules and you’ll stay on track!

Snack Rules

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